Through our combined professional experience we have constructed our inherent  capabilities specifically designed to use rugby as a tool to enrich either your brand, your people or both.

Rugby could just be that differentiator you are looking for to gain that competitive advantage


Rugby as a team sport is famous for its power to harness the players into the belief that success is only achieved through mutual accord. Let´s transition that to your organisation…..

Embed your senior executives within the environment of professional rugby team. Participate in the trainings, pre-match strategy and objectives , half-time review and post match analysis.

Rugby could just be that differentiator you are looking for to gain that competitive advantage ….

  • Team building day with professional players demonstrating the basic skills of rugby and getting your team members to understand what makes rugby players tick on the field…..all points achieved are considered a team achievement, and not an individual achievement. In rugby their are no stars
  • The All Blacks have a culture embedded into the team which breeds success and continuity even when struck with unexpected changes.


Connecting your brand to the core values of rugby requires a strategic review and activation in order to maximize your investment

PR & Communication

KiwiHouse offers the outsourcing services for marketing and communication to Rugby Clubs and other stakeholders.

A complete package that includes the search, management and activation of sponsors, social media communication strategy and internal and external communications.

In 2017 Kiwihouse was contracted by Openbank (Subsidiary of Banco Santander) to develop their rugby channel to market. This included:

  • Search for appropriate partners. “Canterbury” the best rugby brand in the world was connected to “Openbank” the best digital bank in the world.
  • Development of merchandising products for promotional and marketing purposes
  • Sponsorship of grass roots rugby through various Rugby channels

In 2017 Kiwihouse sourced sponsorship for Alcobendas rugby club and brought together Mini Madrid with the club for a 2 year sponsorship deal.

Most importantly Kiwihouse is tasked with the activation of the relationship with the club to ensure that their ROI is exceeded.